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Rumble at 18 Road - Fruita, Colorado

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |May 14, 2014 2:21 AM
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Rumble at 18 Road

Fruita, Colorado

Written by: Marlee Dixon


Rumble at 18 Road looked to be a warm, sunny sandy race the night before it began.  The course included laps of a 10-mile trail that included singletrack up Prime Cut and Chutes & Ladders with a nice flowing singletrack down Vegetarian followed by some dirt road decents and climbs. 

At around 1:00AM the morning of the race it started raining, and continued all morning.  The warm sunny day everyone expected quickly melted away as the sandy dirt turned to heavy clay-like mud. 

The juniors, Cat 3 and Cat 2 racers all rode in conditions that left them and their bikes caked in mud.   I remember arriving at the start/finish area and seeing one junior in a once- pretty paisley tutu, now covered in thick mud, carrying her mud-caked bike with her dad. Another racer was taking a plastic fork to the back of his frame trying to clear the mud that reached from his frame to his tire. 

The top section of the race, Chutes & Ladders, became a hike-a-bike section and the race director decided to change the course for the mens’ and womens’ pro, singlespeed and open categories.  Instead of racing the 10-mile course, these men and women ended up racing an abbreviated 5k course that was used for the kids 10 and under.   

The new course included a dirt road with a series of short climbs and descents, followed by a very flowing singletrack descent back to a slightly up-hill dirt road. The men all raced together at 11:00am while the women all followed after at 12:30pm.  The rain had started to let up by the time the men started and by the time the women raced, the conditions were dry again. 

Finishing in the top three spots of the mens’ pro category were:  Ryan Standish (1st), Bryson Perry (2nd) and Greg Lewis (3rd).  The top three pro women were Rebecca Dussault (1st), Marlee Dixon (2nd) and Sarah Sturm (3rd).  The complete list of results can be found here:   

The weather changed this race into a very difficult race for some, with bikes carrying pounds of mud and sections of trails not ride-able.  However, for the mens’ and womens’ pro, single-speed and open it ended up being a mostly dirt road race that was dry and very fast.  

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