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Kalan Beisel's Blog: Ready, Set, Go!

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |May 14, 2014 2:17 AM
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Kalan Beisel's Blog

Ready, Set, Go!!


Where does time go? That's a good question… I can't believe I'm sitting here at the end of March and already have three new notches in the ol’ race belt. As always, 2014 came up on me way to fast, and before I knew it it was January and I found myself down at CTS with my coach Adam Pulford cracking the whip and making sure to put the hurt on. Luckily the winter here in Colorado Springs was rather mild, and time on the trainer was minimal. So I was stoked. Besides being stoked on the weather and being able to ride my bike outside, I was even more excited about the new team and racing my bike again! 

Not once did I ever think or consider that my little sister Amy would become my teammate in the sport of mountain biking. Turns out she is a shredder! After following me around my whole life and always wanting to hang out with me and "my friends". She crawled out from underneath a rock three years ago as a sport racer and now she is one of the top-ranked female mountain bikers in the country! This makes a big brother proud, so I allowed her to tag along once more. The brother-sister pro combo turned out to be the perfect fit for Giant Bicycles and their women's specific Liv-Giant program, thus forming team Giant/Tuff Shed Off Road Racing. Dream come true, right! 

The first three rounds of the US Cup/Pro XCT proved to be fast and furious. It’s awesome to see the US Cup/Pro XCT attract top racers from around the world. Big thanks to Scott Tedro and USA Cycling for making it happen. It definitely raised the bar of competition and pushed all of us to our limits. It’s also great to see the amount of UCI points up for grabs which helps aid us in better start call-ups at national, world, and olympic competitions. I was happy with my results and I knew I left it all out there. I'm really looking forward to round 4 of the US Cup being held in my backyard in Colorado Springs! The Growler 64, The Eagle 40, Steamboat Stinger, and Breckenridge 100 also on Colorado race to-do list for 2014. But until then, The Sea Otter is the next beast to tackle. Off to California.

Keep the sunny side up! 

Check back for an update following Sea Otter


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