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Ramblings with Evelyn Dong: Quick and Dirty

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |July 9, 2014 2:25 AM
Ramblings with Evelyn Dong

Hereís the quick and dirty race recap from the past couple weeks: Missoula was awesome, Colorado Springs was a struggle. But, thatís the nature of racing. Sometimes you are gifted with turbo legs on your favorite race course and sometimes the race gods smile favorably on others. Itís the nature of the game.

Lesson learned this week? Carry tire leversÖ Iíve been pushing my luck by just carrying a tube and a hand pump when training on the road, but apparently road tires are a hell of a lot harder to get off than dirt tires. Halfway through some fun hard efforts up Pinecrest, my go-to spot up Emigration canyon, I railed straight into a pothole and heard the telltale hiss. No big deal...

Thirty minutes, two tears, and a lot of yelling later, I finally managed to wrestle the bead off the rim. Good thing I had a couple intervals left to work the frustration out of my system.

In more exciting news, Niner sent me one of their snazzy new Jet 9 RDO frames, a full-suspension I will be racing at Nationals in Pennsylvania. I was pretty pumped to ride it after work the other evening, after Chrispy of Endurance Cycle Service had nicely built it up for me. Everything was dialed in - I even set the front AND rear shock to the proper pressure, something I usually decline to do because I just want to get out and ride. Still, the bike doesnít just drive itself. Chasing a couple of my favorite riding buddies around on some Park City trails, well, letís be honest here - they were out of sight and I was getting mildly pissed that I couldnít keep up, as usual. I came into some tight trees a leetle hot, clipped a bar and sent myself penguin diving into a pile of scrub oak and downed aspens. Whoops. All things considered, I came out pretty unscathed, other than a wee scrape on my chinny chin chin and a bruised ego.

Iíve also become the 1/9th owner of a school of seven zebra fish. Iíd love to have a dog, but this is just about the level of commitment Iím ready for. Hope someone remembers to feed them when I leave again... Itís been a relaxing week of putting my head back on straight here in the great salty ditch - riding home turf, celebrating freedom in Utah, weeding the garden, fixing a 30-year old garage door, and even logging a couple days in the office. Off to the land of cheese for the Subaru Cup Pro XCT this weekend, and hopping over to Amish country after that for National Champs.

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