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Product Review: Mt Zoom - Lightweight and Durability

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |February 20, 2014 3:40 AM
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Product Review: Mt Zoom – Lightweight and Durability

Written by: Shannon Boffeli


Over the years longtime endurance mountain bike racer and admitted "weight-weenie” Ant White has struggled to find quality lightweight components capable of handling the endless hours of abuse he dishes out racing and training as an ultra-endurance racer.

Frustrated by the lack of quality components that meet his specific needs, Ant started Mt Zoom (pronounced – mount zoom), a company that specializes in producing just that: high-end, lightweight, durable mountain bike products.

Mt Zoom molds and weaves carbon and titanium into some of the sleekest products on the market following exacting engineering standards removing the slightest excess in the products we already use.

Using quality materials and innovation Mt Zoom created an entire line of interesting and useful mountain bike components.

MTB Race News were lucky enough to test a handful of Mt Zoom products and after 6 months of rigorous testing and abuse we were happily surprised with the performance of all our Mt Zoom gear. Here are some specifics on our test products:


Carbon Riser Bar – weight 165 grams: Pros - Available with 15 and 20mm rise, Fantastic light weight bar at 740mm width, Excellent ride and feel, Burly construction for a feather weight component, no rider weight limit means it’s perfect for XC or all-mountain riding


Ultra Light Weight Carbon Flat Bar – weight 94 & 110 grams: Pros – Crazy light, Stood up to our abuse, Bar end friendly Cons – Only available in 580 and 640mm widths, We would like a longer option (Mt Zoom offers a 740mm flat bar at 165 grams)


Headset Cap and Bolt – weight 4 grams: Pros – Great innovation & beautiful design, Saves significant weight. Easy to use Cons – We haven’t found one yet


Skewers – weight 37 grams (front and rear): Super trimmed-down skewer, You won’t find any excesses on these wheel binders, clamping power similar to much heavier skewer options, titanium axle


Ti Rotor Bolts – weight 7 grams (for 5 bolts): Pros - Saves significant weight over traditional alloy bolts, Even saves weight over other ti rotor bolts, Proved to be sturdy under tough riding conditions  Cons – Shallow head, Need to be very careful not to strip engagement


Ti Bottle Cage – weight 19 grams: Pros – Light, durable, easy to install, holds bottles tight! Not a single dropped bottle in 6 months Cons – More expensive than plastic or aluminum models.


Derailleur Pulleys (Jockey Wheels): Durable aluminum construction for significantly decreased wear compared to plastic pulleys (especially in muddy or wet conditions), ceramic bearings for smooth rolling and longer life, fits most modern derailleurs, available in 8 different colors, a great upgrade for any derailleur.


For more information on the full line of Mt Zoom products and the most current pricing visit  

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