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The Pierre's Hole 100 - Idaho

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |August 19, 2014 4:09 AM
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The Pierre’s Hole 100

Presented by Hammer Nutrition

By Ryan O’Dell

With lift service and high end rentals available for both XC and DH riding along miles of pristine singletrack, Grand Targhee Resort has become a cool mountain destination resort for mountain bikers.  This is the time of year when the wildflowers are in full bloom and waist high in many places along the singletrack. Cooler weather this year and rain the day before presented ideal conditions for this year’s race. Many racers, who had been here before and experienced the beauty of the area, brought family members and extended their stays into full blown vacations. 

The Sixth Annual Pierre’s Hole 100 was dominated by local racers with the exception of a defending NUE Champion from Montana. The newly designed race course featured long, fun descents and showcased jaw dropping views of the Tetons and surrounding mountains. Over the last few years, miles of new singletrack have been added, eliminating the long service road climb from town and reducing the number of laps to just three for the 100 mile race, two for the 50 mile and one for the 50k race.

Women’s Open

Carey gets her second NUE win on home turf

After winning the Pierre’s Hole 50 mile race last year and following up on her win this season at the High Cascades 100 in Oregon, 2010-2011 NUE Champion, Amanda Carey, Liv/Giant, from nearby Victor, Idaho earned her second win of the NUE race season completing the course in 9:16:04.   

With four NUE Series wins under her belt, Brenda Simril, Motor Mile Racing, leads the NUE Series demonstrating her strength on Saturday with a second place finish at 9:39:10, an hour faster than last year. It was here, at Grand Targhee, one year ago that Simril garnered her first ever NUE win following many years of competing in the NUE Series. Since then, Simril has been on an upward climb and is now just two races away from earning her first NUE Series title.  

"Last year, Lee and I came out to Pierre's Hole for the first time and absolutely fell in love with the area. So coming back this year was a no-brainier, and we had the bonus of my sister, Jeannine, and niece, Paola, meeting us out here from California. They followed us around the whole time to cheer and give support so it made the race even more special.

This year's course was fantastic but still every bit as brutal because of all the new singletrack in Rick's Basin. It was also great to get to race with Amanda again, who dominated as usual. This race will always be one of my favorites and I'm already looking forward to coming back next year!”

Jennifer Bubel, Athletes on Track, from Logan, Utah finished third in 10:24:00. All three women earned the Pierre’s Hole Buckle for finishing sub 10.5 hours.   

Men’s Open

Smith gets his second straight win at Pierre’s Hole 100

45-year-old Cary Smith, The Hub Bikes/Enve/Gu, a local favorite from nearby Jackson, WY, earned his second straight win at Pierre’s Hole crossing the line in 7:43:20. "The race started with a continuous 25 minute climb right from the line. Josh Tostado, Swiftwick, set a very aggressive pace early. I followed and AJ Linnell, Fitzgerald’s Bikes/Pivot, competing in the singlespeed division, was dangling slightly behind. A chase group formed a little further back.

I was working hard to stay with Josh but knew that he is a fast descender so I wanted to be on his wheel for the long descent off the top of Peaked Mt. The dirt was perfect and we railed the twenty minute drop to Ski Hill Rd. We worked together climbing back up to the ski area but on the steep service road to head into Rick’s Basin, I was able to open a small gap. Once in Rick’s Basin, I found the dirt to be incredibly slick from yesterday’s rain/hail storm. I was lucky not to lose the front end a few times, but figured everyone else was in the same boat, so I just tried to relax and not toss it away. The new course was fantastic, with some really fun singletrack, varied climbing and incredible views.”

 Seven minutes later, Josh Tostado, winner of the Breckenridge 100 this year, rolled into second place at 7:50:03. Seventeen minutes behind Tostado, Sam Sweetser, Swiftwick/Santa Cruz/Shimano, from Park City, UT claimed the third spot on the podium at 8:07:28.Eight minutes later, Gabe Klamer, Brown Dog Biking/Rose Bike/Qualey Granite, from Jackson, WY, matched last year’s performance, finishing fourth in 8:15:34.

Seven minutes behind Klamer, Ian Stanford, Habitat Twin Six, from Minneapolis, MN took the five spot. "I am the "low lander" of the men's 100 mile podium. Sneaking in at fifth place and representing Minnesota. Formerly a mountain living guy, climbs and altitude like this are not easy to prepare for in Minnesota. Well, actually, it's impossible. I have done half a dozen or so 100 mile mountain bike races and quite a few 24 hours races, once solo and never again!. I am slowly turning back into a mountain biker coming from the road. 42 years old and definitely feeling it!

I actually raced Pierre's Hole 100 a couple years ago and I swear it almost killed me. After the race, I lay in bed and shook with the chills from some serious dehydration. Like the, "Maybe I need a medic and an I.V. dehydration. Coming back this year I planned on not making any of those same mistakes with nutrition.

This year's twist was that my bike began to fall apart on a daily basis once I arrived at Grand Targhee. A lot of stress but I received some saving help from Mitch and Troy at Habitat. As of last Wednesday, I didn't even have race wheels. Wednesday night was a wheel building night in my basement. Yes, I build my own wheels. Sick, I know.

7am start and 46 degrees. It really didn't feel that cold and the conditions were ideal. We took the start and it was clearly evident I had not had enough coffee or loud music this morning. I was dropped in a mile by the pace of Josh and crew. I simply had no power in the legs. Thankfully, that got better and I could, at least, set a pace I could maintain. With my nutrition dialed, bike working good enough, and trails and scenery that simply blow your mind, it was tough not to have a good day in some form or fashion.

My body's explanation of the ride is, "the S.O.B's still hurt though." I am afraid they are addictive events. It's a great event and a beautiful area. I have been coming to Driggs and Grand Targhee on and off for over 20 years, mainly for the winter powder, but the single track here is very special.”

Tatanka 100 Race winner, James Meyer, held third place until adversity struck on lap three. "Great course today and it felt like I had good legs too but, on the third lap, I suffered some "gastrointestinal adversity". I backed off the pace the third time down 38 Special hoping that my belly would rally, but it never worked out and eventually I stopped to lay in the grass and eat goldfish crackers.  After that I had an easy roll around Ricks Basin and had a pretty nice time.” 

Matt Woodruff, Kuhl/Rocky Mountain, Anthony Grinnell, James Meyer was among a select group of racers who finished in sub 9.5 hours and awarded the coveted Gold Pierre’s Hole Buckle.


Linnell gets his second straight win at Pierre’s Hole

AJ Linnell, Fitzgerald's Bicycles/Pivot Cycles/American Classic, the local favorite from Victor, ID won his second straight Pierre’s Hole 100 Singlespeed division in 7:59:48, third overall. Linnell currently leads the NUE Series with wins at the Bailey Hundo and the Tatanka 100 plus two second place finishes at True Grit and the High Cascades 100.  

"Holy crap, this year's course solidified Pierre's Hole as my favorite race of the year. So rad! We got off to a moderate start in the morning twilight, up the opening snowcat-track climb to the start of the Peaked Singletrack, with Gordon Wadsworth and me riding together behind Cary Smith, Josh Tostado, and Sam Sweetser.  I entered the singletrack ahead of Gordon and was able to stay within a hundred yards or so of the leaders to the top of the Peaked Climb but then flatted a few switchbacks into that epic descent.  Who flats in the first five miles of a 100-mile race?! So I listened to freewheels buzzing past as I got the hole plugged and got rolling again.

I started reeling guys back in on the climb back up to Targhee from the bottom of Lap 1, knowing that it was early in the race but still feeling pressure to re-connect with Gordon. We hadn't met before Saturday and all I knew was that he is damn fast. I finally caught back up out in the rolling singletrack of Quakie Ridge, and got to enjoy an hour of riding with a remarkably nice guy and strong rider, through the start of lap two and out Lightning Ridge to the start of our second trip up Peaked.  Being from Virginia, Gordon was feeling the altitude in a big way and I pulled away up Peaked, focusing on chasing Sam's orange helmet up the switchbacks.

I closed on Sam on the climb back up to Targhee after a second mind-blowing descent, and spent the second half of lap two having a ball rollicking through the alpine wildflowers on the rolling singletrack in Rick's Basin. Coming through the base area aid station for the last time, I got word that Jim Meyer was in third overall only a couple of minutes up, so I headed out Andy's Traverse with a new rabbit to chase. The gap closed somewhere out on the Lightning Loop and I started the final Peaked climb alone, hoping to be able to hold Jim off and maybe close in on Josh and Cary?

I passed a 100K racer here and there on the final lap around Rick's but mostly just enjoyed some solo time romping through the singletrack out there. Coming out of the Quakie Ridge descent I took a look at Mr. Garmin and saw that I had 15 minutes to finish if I wanted to go sub-8 hours, not easy, but maybe possible? I thought it was possible enough to hit the gas anyway and see if I could do it. It hurt, and the legs were feeling awfully heavy in those late miles, but I rolled through the Kenda arch with twelve seconds to spare, stoked as hell.”

Ten minutes later, Gordon Wadsworth, Bl;ue Ridge Cyclery Racing, took second at 8:50:11. With three wins this season at Cohutta, Lumberjack, and the Wilderness 101, Wadsworth is now tied with Linnell for the lead in the NUE Series with three firsts and one second place finish. It is highly likely there will be a showdown at the final race that breaks all ties, The Fool’s Gold 100 on September 20. 

Fourteen minutes behind Wadsworth, Cole Anderson from Salt Lake City, UT took third finishing in 9:04:15. Mark Schafer, Eastside Cycles, from Boise, ID finished fourth in 9:20:40 with all four earning the Pierre’s Hole sub 9.5 Buckle.

Masters 50+

Whaley gets the win and the NUE Series lead!

The defending NUE Race Series Champion, 56-year-old Marland Whaley, Red Barn Bicycles, took an important top spot for a second straight year at Pierre’s Hole finishing 9:04:12. This was his second NUE win this year including his win at True Grit Epic in March and, along his second place finish at Mohican and fourth place at Cohutta, may be enough to propel him into the series lead depending on the results of Sunday’s Hampshire 100.     

Twelve minutes behind Whaley, 51-year-old Gary Gardiner,Bountiful bicycle P/B Mountain America Credit Union, from Centerville, UT placed second in 9:16:52. Ten minutes later, David Johnson, Cafe Velo, from Colorado Springs, CO took third in 9:26:59. All three were awarded the sub 9.5 Pierre’s Hole Buckle. 


What’s NEXT?!

On Sunday, The Kenda NUE Series shifted hard east to New England for the Eighth Annual Hampshire 100, results, photos and reports will be forthcoming. The Hampshire 100 benefits the Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center ( and consists of a 100 kilometer and 100 mile course that wind’s through the beautiful and varied terrain of Southern New Hampshire. Then, on August 31, NUE heads to the mountains of Virginia for the Shenandoah 100. Visit for more information. 


Open Men

1 Cary SMITH 7:43:20
2 Josh TOSTADO 7:50:03
3 Sam SWEETSER 8:07:28
4 Gabe KLAMER 8:15:34
5 Ian STANFORD 8:22:47
6 Matt WOODRUFF 8:27:07
7 Anthony GRINNELL 8:37:17
8 James MEYER 8:37:24
9 Rick WETHERALD 9:03:10
10 Garick TISCHLER 9:08:16
11 Joel PETERSON 9:37:53
12 Lee SIMRIL 9:41:22
13 Bradlee HERAUF 9:47:44
14 Gabe KECK 9:50:23
15 Jeremiah JENSEN 10:04:57
16 Charles ST JEOR 10:09:32
17 Michael SHAW 10:38:09
18 Ryan OLSEN 11:38:08
19 Steve MAISCH 12:06:54

Open Women

1 Amanda CAREY LIV/ GIANT 9:16:04
3 Jennifer BUBEL ATHLETES ON TRACK 10:24:00
5 Parker TYLER WESTHILL 11:55:20


5 Brian SELL JACKSON WY 10:01:59

Open Men 50+

1 Marland WHALEY 9:04:12
2 Gary GARDINER 9:16:52
3 David JOHNSON 9:26:59
4 Cully TODD 9:38:48
5 John LAUCK 9:58:40
6 Jesse FERRER 10:39:33

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