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Park City Point 2 Point - Park City, Utah

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |October 22, 2012 1:39 AM
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Park City Point 2 Point - Park City, Utah

Written by: Ryan O'Dell

Now in its fourth year, the 80 mile Park City Point to Point (PCP2P) is one of just two sanctioned National Ultra Endurance Series events with a distance shorter than 100 miles.  By the end of the day, weather conditions and a critically downed course marking would both play a role in the outcome of the race.

Severe thunderstorms and pounding rains delayed the start of the race by one hour with race director, Jay Burke, opting to put safety first with his decision to delay the race by one hour. To help make up for lost time, the round valley loop was removed, intended to help put racers back on schedule. Within an hour, however, the race kicked off like bees from the hive as storms gave way to blue skies for most of the day, along with favorable mild temperatures. Later, as if in a show of defiance, the storms would return, briefly. 


 Men’s Division

Grant makes it four in a row!

Three-time defending PCP2P champion Alex Grant of the Cannondale Factory Team made it four in a row 5:50:51, continuing his dominance in Park City. According to Grant, "The Park City Point 2 Point is one of the most fun, but also the hardest, races that I do all year. I knew it was going to be a tough battle and before the race there had been some talk of the four-peat. I tried not to put too much pressure on myself and focused on preparing the best I could. I knew it would be a hard year with riders Ben Sonntag (BikehausDurango), Josh Tostado(Santa Cruz/Maxxis.Shimano), Carey Smith (Team CF), Nick Truitt (Yeti Pactimo Pro XC), Ben Melt Swanepoel (Squirt Lube), Jason Sager and Drew Edsall (Kenda/Felt) in attendance in addition to the usual strong Utah locals.

Race morning threw another variable in the equation with pounding rain and wicked thunderstorms. I wasn't sure if we would race or not, but luckily it stopped and we got to race most all of the course. Since the trail conditions were unknown, I jumped into the singletrack first to have a clean line. It was a little wet in spots with a lot of puddles, but overall trail conditions were primo.

After about 30 minutes, Ben Sonntag took up the lead and started to put some more pressure on, shedding most riders. By the time we started the main climb up to Deer Valley, Nick Truitt was the only rider left with us. We rode a strong pace up to Silver Lake and eventually shed Nick as well. After that point, it was just "The German" and I ripping perfect singletrack for most of the day, pushing each other and enjoying the trails at the same time.

About three hours in, we hit the Steps climb and I got away from Ben on the steep switchbacks. I was still climbing well and figured that I should try to keep the pressure on while I felt good and stayed on the gas. I ended up keeping the lead and taking my fourth win, which was a great feeling. Ben put in a great performance in his first P2P and finished about four minutes back.

Once again the P2P didn't disappoint, with most riders I talked to agreeing that is was one of the best endurance mountain bike events they had done all year. For the fourth year running I agree!”

Less than five minutes later, Sonntag crossed the line at 5:55:14, the only two in the Men’s Open to go sub six on the day.

Breckenridge strongman, Josh Tostado, multiple winner of the Breckenridge 100, including this year, moved up to six place overall in the NUE Series, finishing third on the day at 6:13:17. Two minutes behind Tostado, Carey Smith claimed fourth 6:15:37, moving him up to second place in the NUE Series behind his teammate and NUE Series defending champion, Christian Tanguy (Team CF). Tanguy was registered for the Shenandoah 100 in Virginia which takes place the following day, on Sunday.

Truitt claimed fifth in 6:20:19 with Yuki Ikeda (Topeak/Ergon) at 6:25:47 and Sam Sweetser (Cole Sport Racing) 6:26:57 finishing close, in sixth and seventh place.     


Women’s Division

Carey repeats at Park City!

For a second straight year, Two-time Kenda NUE Defending Champion, Amanda Carey (Kenda/Felt) notched her second straight win at Park City, and her sixth win in the NUE Series this year, completing the course in 7:16:46, "I knew that I probably would be carrying some fatigue from the Breck Epic and then having done a very hard 100 the weekend before Breck, so I was totally expecting a slower start out of myself.

I didn't feel bad, but I didn't feel great at the beginning. I got knocked off my bike at the hole-shot and Jenny got about six riders ahead of me on that forever-long singletrack climb so I just kept losing more and more time. Then I got stuck behind slower descenders who had passed me on the up. I wasn't going that slow...but I just happened to be going slower than two other very strong women for the first three hours of the race!

I know that the second half of the PCP2P is the hardest part. Once you get past Aid 1, the climbing becomes more than just pumping out watts. It starts to get increasingly technical on the ups and the downs. It takes more handling and focus with power. I knew all that and refused to panic and blow myself up chasing the leaders early on. I was third for quite a while and receiving splits for the first five hours that just kept putting me farther and farther behind…but I know myself, my style, my own abilities so I never gave up and just stayed patient.

The last time I got a split at the bottom of Johns (right before the awful Steps climb) pretty much between Aid 1 and 2, I was already down by 7 minutes. I almost always come on stronger at the second half of races. I knew that if I could just keep it together until the Silver Lake climb, stay focused, have some fun on the super sweet Park City trails, I'd make up a lot of time on the descent to Park City Mountain Resort and then could hopefully open it up on the final leg to the Canyons.

By the time I reached Aid 2, I had Jenny in my sights. I played it smart and shut down the two minute gap during the first half of the Spiro/Armstrong climb up to Mid-mountain. I caught Jenny and from there just pushed the pace as hard as I could to the finish.

I rode a dually for a reason-I knew it would be a lot to haul around the first 30 miles but the PCP2P is almost always won in the last 25 miles. The mid-mountain trail is super rough, rocky and takes a lot of pedaling on bumpy stuff to keep going fast from PCMR to the Canyons.”

KC Holley (MAD DOG/4LIFE) rolled in second at 7:24:57 followed closely by Jenny Smith (No Tubes Women’s Elite) 7:25:56. Smith commented, "I felt really comfortable and built a lead which was great. Knowing Amanda would come on strong.

Unfortunately I descended a jeep road with two others that we weren’t meant to cross. We just misinterpreted the course markings thinking it lead us down. This occurred about two miles before the second feed zone. Realizing the error and climbing back up the hill, I lost a solid five minutes, maybe more, and it frazzled me too, so I came into the final feed zone maybe thirty seconds in front of Amanda. She stormed the course out of there and I was unable to hang. But I did pull it back together to finish strong. Last year this race was, honestly, possibly the hardest I'd ever done, so I was super stoked to put it back in perspective yesterday and finished worked over, but thinking it was fun! Shout out to the organizers for their work and equal payout.”

Fourth place went to Katherine O’Shea (Torq Nutrition) 7:38:04 with Erin Swenson (3B Yoga) claiming fifth 7:52:04. All of the top five women finished sub eight hours.  The highly anticipated matchup between Carey and Mata may have to wait another year. For a second straight year, Pua Mata (Sho-Air) from Yucaipa, CA, although registered, failed to show.   



Larrabee wins but several other racers go off course

Cory Larrabee (Revolution/Kuhl) was one of just two to break sub seven in the Singlespeed division. Larrabee finished first 6:38:32 after finishing second last year. Jason Sherman (3B YOGA, Park Sports) rolled in just over six minutes back at 6:44:55 to snag second.

AJ Linnell (Fitzgerald's Bicycles/Misfit Psycles), an NUE contender, in the running for a podium finish nationally in the NUE Series was, unfortunately, one of eight racers who missed a downed turn sign before unknowingly, rejoining the course later in front of Sherman.

According to race official Shannon Boffeli, "Due to heavy rain and difficult course conditions, several riders made a wrong turn that took them off course and immediately back on, cutting out a 2-mile section of trail. Upon hearing of the course deviation, officials identified the confusing turn and, after fixing it, determined riders who took the cutoff missed 20 minutes of riding. At the finish, riders who missed the turn and eliminated that portion of the course were given a 20 minute time correction.

As a result of the time correction, both Dax Massey ((Honey Stinger/Light & Motion) and AJ Linnell (Fitzgerald's Bicycles/Misfit Psycles), earned race day awards for second and third place without protest.  

Unfortunately, for all eight racers, including Massey and Linnell, NUE rules expressly forbid a race director from adding or taking time away from a racer for any reason. The racer either completed the course or is disqualified.

NUE Series rule: For the sake of the integrity of the National Series, No participating Race Director of the National Series will have the right to alter race times for any reason! This includes deducting or adding time to a racer for any reason. A racer’s time must be based solely on actual time. The racer either completed the entire course or is DSQ’d for not completing the entire course. This rule will insure that the results of the national series will be based strictly on finish times and the series will not be decided by a ruling by any participating race director.

Afterward Linnell expressed mixed feelings about the race, "My PCP2P this year was super fun, and then really disappointing. I felt like I had a strong race, riding the first half with Corey and then chasing Dax for the rest.  Rolling through the finish line I thought I had come in really well, and then Jay came up and told us that we had actually cut a portion of the course!  I still have no idea when it happened, but apparently Dax and I were in a group of 7 or 8 guys that missed a hairpin turn.  The problem is that the course continued up the hill, a little way over, so we didn't know we had missed anything and then we were following markings again. 

The upshot is that (PCP2P Official) Shannon Boffeli went out and rode the section we missed in 16 minutes, so he and race director, Jay Burke, decided to add 15 minutes to our times and give us the finish. That seemed like a bummer for Corey since it put him just a few minutes back and it's impossible to know how long it would have actually taken Dax and me to complete that portion of the course after 40 miles of riding, so I pitched the idea of making it a 20-minute penalty to give Corey the win and Dax and myself second and third respectively, which was still weird for Dax and me, after putting in the effort that we did.

For me, personally, the bigger bummer is that NUE rules dictate that any racer who doesn't complete the entire course is automatically declared a DNF for that race--no exceptions.  Thus, I am no longer a contender for the NUE Series singlespeed division; I needed to finish the P2P as my fourth race this season. It's clear that Gerry (Pflug) is probably going to win the series again, but I thought I was a contender for second. Most of the course was well-marked, but I've spoken with a number of people who missed that turn in their pre-ride and anticipated it being a problem, especially with the rest of the course continuing up the hill 30 meters away.  It's just a huge bummer to blow my series standing as a result.”

Later, Race Director Jay Burke added, "This was a very crazy day in Park City.  We hadn't had rain, let alone major thunderstorms, all summer.  So this really took a toll on the course and us all week.  As for those racers that missed the turn on course, trust me, we feel as bad as they do. 

I've already made a commitment to change the course for next year so we have no areas that are so close together like that. Because of the nature of the day, we made a determination to not DQ any of those racer’s, we applied a +20 minute penalty, and moved forward with the day. In the grander view of the day, things could have gone much worse, we're truly just happy everyone made it home safe Saturday afternoon.  We're already looking forward to next year!”

PCP2P results show: Dax and Linnell as second and third place respectively.   

NUE Series point standing results show that Mike Barklow (Just for Fun Racing) finished third in 7:21:48,  Jacob Whipple (Methow Cycle Sport/Blue Star Coffee) fourth at 7:23:47, Derrick Batley fifth at 7:35:01.


Masters 50+   

Duran Gets the Masters Victory!

Terry Duran (Scott Sports) put twenty minutes on the field, winning in just 7:21:51. When Duran learned that his finish put him in first place, he replied "I really didn’t know where I was among the master’s in the race”

Finishing second, Andy Leifer (Team Evergreen Racing/ Willas Wheels) came in at 7:41:00, "Good day, but a very tough course. I awoke Saturday morning at 5am to thunder and lightning, followed by solid rain for an hour and a half.  At 6 am, the race director equivocates for an hour and a half. "We'll meet at 7am and decide if we are going at 8am or not.”  At 7:15 he gathers the racers together and tries to get us to make the call for him.  "Who wants to go today?”  Show of hands… "Who wants to go tomorrow?” Ended up split 50-50, so he finally says, "we’ll try today and cut off the Round Valley section”. 

There was standing water in the trail for the first 20 miles but it never actually rained on me during the race which was miraculous! The race was almost exclusively single track with a climb-descent pattern throughout the day. Extended, but generally flowing ups, with pounding descents made for no rest.

The section from TG to the base of Park City had trails that were very tight with aspen trees, requiring real concentration not to hit a tree. In addition, there were super rocky intermittently technical bursts alternating with more relentless grinds that occurred three times, each lasting 3-5 miles in length. These were punctuated by speedy hairball rocky grinding down hills that were without any rest, even along sections of 33.8 mph 200 yard screamer speed-ups.

Many, many turns were well-marked except for the bottom of Boulder Trail where we were supposed to make a hard switchback up to the left that was completely unmarked.  I missed this turn and so did several others a ways behind me.  I popped out onto Hwy 224 (The Guardsmen Road up above Park City) where I looked around, riding in circles and searching for the trail, until someone who happened to be standing around near some parked cars told me I had missed the turn and had to go back.  Went up to the trail, saw some others turning back, missed the turn again, and fortunately saw people above me going the right way.  Back around I went and when I got to the missed turn, a course official was there sticking flags into the ground to mark the turn.  Ironically, I found every other turn on the course to be really well marked, primarily with orange spray paint on loose rocks or arrows sprayed directly onto the ground.  It made me wonder, only in retrospect, about course sabotage on that one turn.  After the finish, I heard some rumor about others nearer the front getting turned off course somewhere as well.

Out of the Bailey Hundo, Breck 100, Leadville 100, Desert Rats 100k, Gunnison Growler, and some Winter Park Race Series events, the Park City Point to Point was, by far, the most punishing.”

Finishing third, just two minutes back was Kevin Moffett (4 Life/Maddog) in 7:43:54. Just over five minutes later, fourth place went to Jeff Sumsion (Park City Orthodontics) 7:49:34. With his fifth place finish in 7:56:59, Mark Hershberger (Team Jackson Hole/Hoback Sports), who won the Pierre’s Hole 100 earlier this year, moved up to second place in the NUE Series Overall Standings.                    

For more information on the PCP2P, contact Jay Burke at 801.330.3214 or, or visit National Ultra Endurance Race Series Information,

Stay tuned right here for reports from NUE Series #11 from the Shenandoah 100 in Virginia 


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Alex Grant

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Karen Tremaine




Sarka Ruzickova

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Corey Larrabee




Dax Massey

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AJ Linnell

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Jason Sherman

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