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Michaux Trail Cup - Race Preview

Posted by: Karen Potter |March 1, 2012 1:49 PM
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Michaux Trail Cup - Pennsylvania

Written by: Karen Potter

Looking for an early season endurance race in the Northeast? Then test out your winter training at the Michaux Trail Cup in Michaux State Forest, Pennsylvania, on April 15th. Riders have their choice of suffering, err smiling, with 25, 50, 75 or 100 mile options. The race will also test your technical skills with Michaux being well known for its super, rocky, technical singletrack. Although race director Zachary Adams of Fast Forward Racing Productions says he is going for more of a ‘festive feel’ but still hopes to inspire racers to accomplish a hard and challenging course.

The 50-miler version is also part of the Mid-Atlantic Super Series as MASS Endurance Race #2. And, for those National Ultra Endurance Series (NUE) followers, it is also conveniently scheduled two weeks prior to the first NUE series race - the Cohutta 100.

The Michaux Trail Cup is intended to have more of a 12-hour race vibe with the loops each passing through the start/finish area of the main venue. Each 25-mile loop is distinct. The course will contain a mix of singletrack, fire road and double track, with over 10,000 feet of climbing for the 100 miler. The 100 milers start at 7AM, 75 milers start at 9AM, 50 milers start at 11AM following with the 25 milers at 1PM. There is something at the race for every level of rider.

Race entry includes free camping at the venue, which for those opting to do the longer distances, should help in ease of access to food and supplies coming through for each lap. Racers are encouraged to bring spare tubes and boot tires with them out on the trail, as well as other appropriate parts at the start/finish area. There will also be a neutral feed zone at the start/finish area stocked with all the usual stuff.

The race will be followed up with a food and beer garden. Get your ride on at this celebration of early season racing.

Preregister at and save $$ and time.  


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