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Coach's Column with Lynda Wallenfels

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |October 11, 2011 1:02 AM

Question: From a coach's perspective, compare and contrast your favorite mountain bike specific power meters.

Answer: There are currently two power meters on the market that will work with mountain bikes; SRM and Power Tap. The SRM is a crank based power meter and the PowerTap is a rear wheel based power meter.

Moving a Power Tap wheel between multiple bikes is easy providing wheel size is the same. Moving an SRM between bikes is a much more involved process requiring tools. For racers who train on multiple mountain bikes, a Power Tap is a more flexible option than an SRM. You can use a Power Tap on both a geared and single speed mountain bike. My 29-inch Power Tap wheel floats between my 2 x 10 geared hard tail and my single speed mountain bike.

An SRM has other advantages. It is lighter weight and so a superior choice for the racer who plans to both race and train with power.

The mountain bike specific SRM reports an accuracy of 2% and retails for $3,149. The mountain bike specific Power Tap reports an accuracy of 1.5% and retails for $1,499.99.

Both power meters are ANT+Sport compatible and can synch up with ANT+Sport GPS units and smart phones to provide additional data from a ride.

Lynda Wallenfels is Cat 1 USA Cycling coach and owner of Visit her site for mountain bike training plans, coaching and consulting.


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