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Keegan Swenson Blog: World Cup Racing - Czech Republic

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |June 13, 2012 4:07 PM
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World Cup #3: Nove Mesto, Czech Republic

After arriving in the Czech Republic on Thursday afternoon, we went out for a quick preride on the course. It was definitely one of the best courses and I was super excited to race on it. It had quite a few roots and was pretty fast and flowy. So I knew that the Flash 29er would be the perfect bike.

Friday morning I went out for a few more laps on my new frame and SRM to make sure everything was good for race day. I also did a couple hot laps on the course, which made me even more excited for the race. I could probably just ride laps all day on that course…so awesome. 

After a good night of sleep and plenty of Nutella and peanut butter I was ready to race. We woke up to rain, although I was not too worried because the soil was really loamy and would not get muddy. But of course the roots were going to be really slippery.

The junior women raced around 11am, and it was raining just about their entire race. It didn’t seem to affect Kate too much though, as she finished 10thplace. Awesome ride, especially for her first ever world cup.

I was called up 3rd to the line, so I was way stoked to get racing. The gun went off and I was sitting about 2ndor 3rd wheel going into the start lap. I went to the front near the bottom of the first climb and opened a small gap, which was nice to have because the start lap is always nuts, lots of crashes and chopping. We broke into a small group with Victor, another French guy and myself. After a lap Victor and I had dropped the other guy somewhere along the way. I then had a small bobble on the DH and Victor put a small 20ish second gap on me. So from there on out I was just chasing him. I got it down to about 15 seconds with about 3k to go, and held a solid 1:30 on 3rd place, and then I fell over on some rocks. I jumped back up and tried to pedal but it wasn’t happening…a tangler had tangled my chain and it was looped around itself several times. By the time I got it pedalable I had been passed by one of the French dudes. I had 1 gear, so I sprinted up the short climbs, coasted the DH and pedaled best I could on the flats. 4 more guys passed me on my way to the finish, so I rolled in 6th. I wasn’t so happy with it, but that’s mountain biking…it happens. I still got some pretty good UCI points, and was stoked I was able to hang on to 6th place considering what happened. 

Thanks to the USAC staff and Cannondale Factory Racing for all the help this weekend, it greatly appreciated!! Can’t wait to race this weekend at the La Bresse world cup.

Smithc947 05/17/2014 11:29 AM
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