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Highland Overmountain Enduro Results and Report

Posted by: Matt Williams |November 22, 2012 2:22 AM
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The mountain bike season in New England wrapped up over the weekend with the Highland Over Mountain Enduro at Highland Mountain Bike Park in central NH. While it's relatively new format in the US, Enduro continues to grow, with over 150 riders showing up to test their skills at Highland this year. The race featured three timed downhill stages, with untimed uphill transfers in between each stage. Final placing was determined by a riders combined time in all three stages. There was also a special climbers stage in the transfer between stages 2 and 3, with the fastest man and women receiving a  $500 climber's prime.

Part of what makes enduro so interesting is the mix of people it brings together. Lined up at the start line were stalwarts of the New England endurance racing scene, seasoned Highland Bike Park Veterans, downhill racers looking to extend their season, and enduro veterans like Adam Craig (Giant) and Mike West (Yeti). 

With riders sitting at the top of the lift it was game on. Stage 1 was the longest of the three, but also featured some of the highest speed sections on the course. Riders ripped through natural wall rides, ledge features, a seemingly endless series of berms, and some classic loamy New England singletrack on the way down. Adam Craig (Giant) set the standard in a smoking time of 4:41. However, in enduro races riders don't have access to results in real time, meaning that racers have to ride the whole course without knowing where they stand in relationship to other riders.

Craig won stage two as well, however, a mistake on stage 3 nearly cost him the win. Craig had two stage victories in hand, but Derek Bissett and Mike West (Yeti) had managed to stay within striking distance. Stage 3 headed straight down the fall line of Highland, and featured a number of rock drops and steep, muddy chutes. "I messed up the easiest part of the course," Craig said afterward. "I made it though all the rocky stuff up high, and then on the easy little traverse over to the lift line I ended off the trail in the woods. It cost me the stage victory but fortunately it didn't cost me the win." Bisset, West, and Gavin Vaughn all beat Craig in the final stage, but none were able to pull back enough time to take race win. In the final results, Bisset was able to claim second, while West rounded out the podium in third.

In the women's race Dawn Bourque who dominated from start to finish. Bourque won all three stages to take the win with a commanding 35 second lead over second place rider Alison Zimmer. Beck Gardner rode consistently all day to take third.

In the climbers stage, which was in affect a stand alone stage and did not effect riders' overall time, it was Craig who took another win ahead of Matt Williams (Epic Brewing), while Alison Zimmer took the women's win over Becky Gardner.

Pro Men

1. ADAM CRAIG (Giant)      9:25.75
2. DEREK BISSETT              9:37.05
3. MIKE WEST (Yeti)            9:37.46
4. GAVIN VAUGHAN         9:50.34
5. ADAM SNYDER (Jamis)  10:01.94

Pro Women

1. DAWN BOURQUE     11:26.21
2. ALISON ZIMMER       12:01.64
3. BECKY GARDNER    12:05.15
4. KATE PARHIALA      12:43.07
5. SARAH KONEFAL     13:35.60

Pro Men Climber's Prime

1. ADAM CRAIG (Giant)
2. MATT WILLIAMS (Epic Brewing)

Pro Women's Climber's Prime


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