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Hampshire 100 - New Hampshire

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |August 20, 2014 4:02 AM

Hampshire 100 - National Ultra Endurance Series (NUE)

Written by: Karen Potter

Wicked Hard Hampshire 100k/100miler


The 2014 edition of the Hampshire 100k/100m was not a year for making personal bests.  It was a long, hard slog of a day for everyone. Even seasoned endurance rader Jeremiah Bishop (Sho-Air/Cannondale) took an hour longer than last year on the 100 miler course.  Liz Chabot Allen (Danielson Adventure Sports), the womenís 100-miler winner, was hoping to take time off her finish time from last only to spend a grueling extra couple of hours in the saddle than originally anticipated.

There were several changes to the 8th edition of the Hampshire 100.  A major one was the start, which had previously been fast and relatively flat giving newbies to the Hampshire 100 a false sense of ease about the course.   The change came about 4 miles in and included much more loamy single track and some very steep climbing.  It meant positioning early on was important as there was no room to pass for a while once in the single track. 

Mid course there were several areas of logging, which meant rerouting of the trail and several new trails which were incredibly soft and bumpy.  Add to that several inches of rain a few days before the race and conditions were tough to say the least.  Steep pitchy climbs dumped riders into deep mud holes.  Many of the jeep roads were looser and in much rougher shape than in years past, especially the steep climbs forcing many to walk. 

Course times, needless to say, were a good 1/2 hour slower for the 100k race and over an hour slower for the 100 milers.  There was a pretty large DNF list. 

With the addition of the NUE 100 miler race to the Hampshire 100k a few years back, the race fields get split with many talented riders opting to take on the challenge of the full 100 miles, along with pulling many NUE series racers.  Jeremiah Bishop pulled off the win in unusual fashion racing it entirely self-supported as a prep for a bigger endurance race coming up.  Tinker Juarez started strong but pulled not feeling well.  Rob Spreng lead through the first 100k after that, but Bishop found his rhythm and put 17 minutes on Spreng to take the win in 8:22.  Dan Timmerman, a relatively new face to the endurance scene, grabbed 3rd in 8:46.  The singlespeed class was incredibly packed with talent with the top 5 singlespeeders placing in the top 14 overall.  Gerry Pflug (Rare Disease Racing) won the class in 8:57 and was 4th overall. Enersto Marechin and Daniel Rap placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.  Liz Chabot Allen won the womenís open 100 miler in 11:30 followed up Anne Pike a mere 4 minutes back. The two went back and forth in the opening stretch but mechanicals hindered Pike.  Full NUE race report to follow.

In the 100k race, the Elite fields were on the small side but still talented.  In the womenís race, local cross superstar Crystal Anthony (Riverside Racing) came out to show the depth of her talent by taking an impressive win in 5:54 and 2nd place overall in the 100k (men and women).  She caught and passed the majority of the 100 milers who started 2 minutes ahead of the 100k field.  Karen Potter (Epic Brewing/ followed up in 2nd place a half hour back in 6:24. Heather Gray from Ontario passed Potter around the 30 mile mark when Potter starting suffering from leg cramps.  She unfortunately went off course in the final 10 miles and fell back to 4th.  Bryna Blanchard came in 3rd in 6:35.  Richard Pirro (NESS) was holding the lead in the Elite menís division only to fade in the last five miles and take 2nd to Robin Liston who finished in 5:48. 

Full race results found here:

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