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Frozen Onion Series Race #1, VT

Posted by: Matt Williams |February 7, 2013 12:40 AM
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The 2013 mountain bike season kicked off in New England this weekend with the first Frozen Onion race in Montpelier, VT. The annual snow bike race draws competitors from around Vermont, and has been expanded into a three race series for the first time this season.

This year's race featured racers on nearly every bike imaginable. Rigid race bikes, snow bikes, cyclocross bikes, full suspension race bikes, singlespeeds, old Raleigh 10 speeds, even a unicyle could be found on the start line. With some snow conditions on most of the course, and a couple of hard pack road sections, no bike was ideal anywhere. In the end, Cooper Willsey ( took the win on a cyclocross bike, out sprinting Kip Roberts (Onion River Sports), who was piloting a Surly Pugsley.

Racers completed three laps in Montpelier's historic Hubbard Park, where fresh snow had made conditions soft and challenging. Running was virtually mandatory, even for those on dedicated snow bikes. Nonetheless, racers seemed to enjoy themselves. As one rider noted on crossing the line, "my face is tired from smiling.

Early in the race, it was Matt Williams (Epic Brewing) who led the field. Williams pushed the pace on the first major climb, however, some bobbles in soft snow on the second half of the course allowed Kip Roberts (Onion River Sports) to come around. Kip was soon joined by Cooper Willsey ( and by the end of the first lap the two had a small gap on Williams.

The gap continued to grow on laps two and three. Williams was joined by Noah Tautfest (Bicycle Express), and though the two traded pulls they were unable to pull back any time on the leading duo. Ultimately, Wellsey out sprinted Roberts for the win, while Williams out kicked Tautfest for third. Micheal Rea (1k To Go) rode a solid race to take fifth.

All proceeds from the Frozen Onion series are going to the Moxie Sparks program, which provides mountain bike scholarships and mentoring to middle school girls in Vermont.

No women raced.

Special thanks to KG ODonnell for the race photography.


Open Men:

1 Cooper Wellsey,  Cyclocrossworld, 25:33:00

2 Kip Roberts,   Onion River Sports,  25:34:00

3 Matt Williams,  Epic Brewing,  27:18:00

4 Noah Tautfest,  Bicycle Express,  27:19:00

5 Micheal Rea,  1k To Go,   28:20:00

6 Patrick Shank,     28:21:00

7 Arthur Foelsche,  Onion River Sports,  28:42:00

8 Joel Page,   Onion River Sports,  29:37:00

9 Matt Katz,   Bicycle Express,  30:07:00

10 Andrew Wellman,  Bicycle Express,  30:27:00

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