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1st annual "Bike for Bender Tahquitz 6hour Race" Angelus Oaks, CA

Posted by: Jens Raz |September 23, 2012 3:44 PM
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1st annual "Bike for Bender Tahquitz 6hour Race" Angelus Oaks, CA

by Guy Sutton

The brain child of fellow racing veteran Allan Laframboise resulted in an amazingly well organized endurance event.   The non- profit organization honors and continuous the path of southern California Pro Mountain-biker Robert Bender who lost his fight with cancer in 2010. The 26 year old was known through out the area for his love of cycling and support of the local cycling community.


Tahquitz sold out with 175 participants and even started on time.  The format consisted of solo and two person teams battling over a spanking new 7 mile ~45 minute loop ( and 1,000' of vertical on the Boy Scout camp in Angelus Oaks/ San Bernardino Forest.  90% of the track was singletrack ranging from steep, off-camber bandersnatch to smooth flow through the ferns.  Making for high heart rates and a very slow ave speed, but you were never daydreaming.  


I started near the front and immediately was displaced as the field took off like it was a 75min XC race.   Elevation of 6,500' wasn't helping us from sea level either.  175 people on singletrack can be an issue for passing, but fellow riders were often willing to yield and there was a good vibe on the course.  I settled in riding with SoCal XC racer Chuck Jenkins and we had a blast mobbing the DH's then trying to maintain a reasonable pace on the "camp tahquitz" singletrack climb.  Chuck wisely took a lunch break and I proceeded to pedal strike a log on the smoothest part of the course, resulting in a different sort of meal- all in time for the paparazzi.  Not having any friends in the pits, I never had a clue where I was placed.  Not that it mattered by 4 hrs most of us were in survival mode on the climb.   Apparently the top three open men were only separated by 6 minutes at the finish.  Then again Tinker wasn't there.   The timing/ logistics was well run with the help of Jason Ranoa from SocalEndurance.

Male Open

1 Danny Munoz 8 laps - 5.43 .01

2. Guy Sutton  8laps - 5.46.24


3. Kevin Smith  8 laps - 5.49 .16

Female Open

1     Hawke 5 laps 5:04:08

2     Fabbro 5laps 5:22:57

3     Tien 4laps 5:10:40

The race organizers somehow managed to get volunteers by the dozens and even provided hand up cups of water and Gatorade at two areas on the course.  By the end of the race I was stopping at these every lap to refuel.   I hope they achieved their goals for bringing awareness to the "Bike for Bender" cause and continue working with the Boy Scouts in developing some more good trails.  Don't miss this one next year!



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