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Coyote Hill Classic/Vermont State Championships Report

Posted by: Matt Williams |June 13, 2012 4:11 PM
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The New England Root 66 Series racing headed north this weekend to Farilee, VT for the Coyote Hill Classic and the Vermont State Championships. Famous for itís mud and roots, Coyote Hill offers up a technically challenging course made up almost entirely of singletrack, much to the delight of beginners and pros alike. This year a stretch of dry weather preceding the race made for a dry course and some of the fastest lap times in recent memory.

In the menís race is was Adam Snyder (Jamis) who dominated from start to finish. Snyder used a lethal combination of fitness and technical skill on the rooty singletrack to take the lead early in the first lap, and he never looked to be in difficulty as he cruised to the win, nearly six minutes ahead of Andrew Freye (Cyclemania/Trek). Christopher Hamlin (Bicycle Express) rode steadily to take third place and the title of Vermont State Champion.

The womenís race was more complicated, with many of the fastest women choosing to race in the age category as opposed to the Pro/Open race. For most of the day is was Pro/Open racer Elizabeth Allen leading all comers, but Allen faltered on the last lap and was overtaken by a number of age-group competitors.

The fastest time of the day came from 35+ racer Susan Lynch (Union Velo). Lynch was followed closely by Kelly Ault (Mountain Moxie), who also took home a State Championship. Third place overall in the womenís category went to yet another 35+ rider, Kelly Dolan (Mason Racing).

The Root 66 Series continues with the Domnarski Farm MTB Race on June 3rd. 


Menís Pro/Open:

1.    Adam Snyder (Jamis)                                           2:10:06

2.     Andrew Freye (Cyclemania/Trek)                   2:15:54

3.     Christopher Hamlin (Bicycle Express)             2:16:40

4.     Gregory Jancaitus (Riverside Racing)

5.     Aaron Oakes

6.     Paul Simoes (

7.     John Burns (Burns Racing)

8.     Clinton Angwin (Mason Racing)

9.     Colin Reuter (B2C2 p/b Boloco)

10.  Matt Williams (Epic Brewing/


Womenís Pro/Open:

1. Elizabeth Allen (Danielson Adventure Sports)             2:19:32

2. Corinne Prevot (SKIDA)                                                     2:31:06


Womenís 35+:

1. Susan Lynch (Union Velo)                                        2:08:03

2. Kelly Ault (Mountain Moxie)                                    2:10:29

3. Kelly Dolan (Mason Racing)                                     2:11:51

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