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Cannondale Camp Day 2 - Finale Legure, Italy

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |March 1, 2012 1:52 PM
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After being invited to join the Cannondale Factory Racing team, junior rider Keegan Swenson has enjoyed the full support only a top professional team can provide. This week Swenson traveled to Italy for Cannondale Camp, a four-day retreat of riding and getting to know his new teammates. While in Italy, Swenson will be accompanied by Tinker Juarez, Jeremiah Bishop, and Alex Grant.

Read Keeganís report from Day 2 below,


Italy Day 2:

Today after waking up still a bit jet lagged we ate a little breakfast and then got rolling. We rode for a few minutes and then did a photo shoot on a nice section of trail, along with some video.

After that we rode back to the hotel, Taylor and I got a bit lost on the way back but we found our way eventually. Then we had a little food and went out for another ride. This time I rode the 24 hour world champs course with Alex, Tinker, and Taylor. Alex took some helmet cam footage so if we are lucky we might see a pretty cool video soon. The ride was amazing, the trail ran along a ridge overlooking the Mediterranean. 

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