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Breck Epic - Stage III - Breckenridge, CO

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |August 26, 2011 11:52 PM
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Breck Epic - Stage III - Breckenridge, Colorado

Racers tackled on of Summit County’s classic routes today – the circumnavigation of Mt. Guyot. Totaling 44 miles and 9000 feet of climbing, the route crossed the Continental Divide twice, showcasing some of Summit County’s very best terrain along the way.

Course marking sabotage late in the stage saw about a dozen riders head off course losing somewhere between 10-15 minutes each. At the nightly racer meeting it was decided that while unfortunate, times would stand. The elite field was the most affected and to a person they showed incredible maturity and sportsmanship. It should also be noted that Panache CycleWear rider Colby Pearce went the right way, put the mental dots together that the course was somehow marked incorrectly, and headed back downhill to fix the mark. In other words, Colby Pearce in one single act of pragmatic selflessness, saved the race for everyone behind him...which was pretty much everyone.

Tomorrow brings another day of long decents and spectacular vistas as racers tackle the Aqueduct stage, taking them to Keystone and back over some of the most magnificent terrain in all of Colorado. Stay tuned for updates from our end.


 Open Men

1. Josh Tostado 3:42:35

2. Frederico Ramirez 3:42:47

3. Ben Aufderheide 3:44: 10

4. Macky Franklin 3:45:50

5. Cameron Chambers 3:46:53

6. Blake Harlan 3:47:54

7. Nick Truit 3:49:01

8.Travis Brown 3:55:17

9. Colin Cares 3:58:37

10. Chris Baddick 4:00:42


Open Women

1. Selene Yaeger 4:44:32

2. Sonya Looney 4:51:59

3. Kathrine Lindquist 5:02:47

4.Jen Tilley 5:11:09

5. Brenda Munoz 5:32:52

6. Molly Cochran 5:50:02


GC After Stage 3

Open Men 

1. Frederico Ramirez 10:10:37

2. Cameron Chambers 10:32:06

3. Ben Aufderheide 10:32:25

4. Blake Harlan 10:40:21

5 Josh Tostado 10:43:30

6. Colin Cares 10:49:18

7. Travis Brown 10:51:29

8. Macky Franklin 10:55:27

9. Chris Baddick 10:59:13

10. Nick Truit 11:01:15


Open Women

1. Sonya Looney

2. Selene Yaeger 

3. Kathrine Lindquist

4.Jen Tilley 

5. Brenda Munoz

6. Molly Cochran 


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