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6 Hours of Frog Hollow - Hurrcane, Utah

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |November 2, 2011 2:17 AM
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6 Hours of Frog Hollow - Hurricane, Utah

This weekend saw another running of the southern Utah favorite, 6 Hours of Frog Hollow, mountain bike race. Held each year on the IMBA recognized Jem Trail and Hurricane Rim Trail the 6 hour race is a fun, challenging climax to many riders race seasonís.

Frog Hollow offers up a roughly 12-mile loop including some of the best trail on the planet. A combination of ripping-fast desert hardpack and technically demanding broken sandstone the Frog Hollow course is a non-stop thrill ride.

The race started with a very short run and solo rider Theron Jeppson jumping into the lead followed by his brother Brian who was competing in the co-ed duo category.

Theron was focused on the solo win and his plan involved starting hard and getting the early lead, which he did. After three laps he was well clear of second place and briefly had held the position of fastest person on course solo or team.

Jeppson faded in the last three laps but he had accumulated such a lead that it didnít matter.

Second placed rider Dave Byers had the opposite approach completing 5 laps at almost the exact same time.

Womenís solo leader Cait Dmitriew also started hard and was able to keep it going completing 5 laps all under 1 hour 10 minutes.  

Second place female finisher Janelle Stewart spent most of the race in third until dropping her skunk costume and moving into the runner-up spot. At the end, Stewart and Dmitriew were the only solo women to complete 5 laps.

The fastest laps of the race went to Jen Hanks who turned in a 1.00.05 as part of the victorious female duo team While Bob Saffell of the duo menís team clocked the fastest male time with a 52.11 on his first lap.

Brian and Chanda Jeppson won the co-ed duo category.




Solo Men

1, Theron Jeppson 6 laps

2, Dave Byers 5 laps

3, Las Vegas Cyclery 5 laps


Solo Female

1, Cait Dmitriew 5 laps

2, Janelle Stewart 5 laps

3, D.J. Morisette 4 laps


Duo Female

1, 5 laps

2, Las Chikas Rapidos 4 laps

3, Over The Edge 4 laps


Duo Male

1, 6 laps

2, Rock Star Las Vegas 5 laps

3, Team LAX 5 laps


Duo Co-ed

1, Team Jeppson 6 laps

2, Adamaxine 5 laps

3, Matthew Lydens 4 laps

Click here for full results from all categories

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