Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sea Otter Classic Pro Short Track Photos

Todd Wells leads a supercharged group riders to the opening climb

World Champion Christoph Sauser takes charge the second time up a the climb

Burry Stander takes his turn in the lead as Sauser drifts it sideways with a rear flat

A very strong Sam Schultz charges through the course with Jeremiah Bishop just behind

Todd Wells is triumpant and crosses the line with a healthy gap

With 3 laps to go Catherine Pendrel makes what seemed to be the winning move

Heather Irmiger and Emily Batty do their best to chase down the lone LUNA rider

Wise beyond her years, Emily Batty closes the gap on Pendrel and immediately goes on the attack

Batty changes lanes to make the pass

Batty completes the race winning move on the final lap

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